Boss's Day is October 16, 2019

Shopping for Boss's Day 2019 cards and gifts

Boss's Day Is October 16, 2019

Shopping for Boss's Day Cards and Gift Ideas?

Bosses are people too so why not show your boss a little appreciation by shopping online and selecting a gift that will bring them joy and happiness!

Though many of us dislike interacting with our bosses for a variety of reasons, it goes without saying that it is the positive recommendation of your boss that can help you to climb the corporate ladder.

Against a handful of bosses who always find faults with the way their subordinates work, the majority act as mentors to their subordinates – helping and guiding them all the way through the ups and downs of the corporate world.

In the United States, October 16 will be celebrated as Bosses Day when employees thank their bosses for being fair and kind to them throughout the year.

This day is also known as National Boss Day, Bosses Day or Boss’s Day.

Boss's Day History

The origin of this day can be traced back to 1958 when "National Boss Day" was registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce by Patricia Bays Haroski.

At that time, she held the position of a secretary at the State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield of Illinois.

She chose October 16 as that was the day of her boss’s birthday that she had forgotten to celebrate.

Incidentally, her father was her boss. In 1962, Otto Kerner – the Governor of Illinois, backed Haroski's registration and officially announced the day as Boss's Day.

Boss's Day Celebrations

Bosses Day is the ideal occasion to shower your boss with tokens of your affection and respect to show how much you appreciate him or her.

Though you may despise your boss under certain situations, there’s no denying the fact that this person acts as the source of inspiration to help you achieve higher goals in your career.

So, you can thank your boss for everything by sending him or her a thoughtful card, gift baskets, or purchasing some items that he or she is fond of.

Boss's Day Cards And Gifts

Remember – your good work and endeavor has been appreciated by your boss throughout the year. So, it’s your turn now to thank the “numero uno” for his or her motivation and support and there’s no better time than to say it all on Boss's Day. 

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