3 Ways Your Business Can Improve Employee Engagement

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Improve Employee Engagement

As a Business Leader and HR Professional in a large global organization, I am constantly looking for new ways to improve employee engagement.

This is by no means an easy task but when you get it right it can pay big dividends in the form of increased employee satisfaction and improved profitability for your business.

Happy Employees

Happy employees who feel valued and appreciated generally display higher levels of productivity which ultimately adds to your organization's bottom line.

I talk with employees on a daily basis and whenever the topic of "what could we do better?" comes up the answer might surprise you.

More Money

Most people might think that more money is the answer but in fact, the topic of more money is rarely the response that I get.

I think that most employees understand that companies do not have unlimited amounts of money available to distribute never-ending salary increases and in most cases I think that they know that leaders in the organization will do their best to pay a competitive salary while remaining profitable.

What Employees Really Want

Many of the employees that I talk with say that they want more recognition and respect and they want to know that the company really values their knowledge, expertise and contributions. 

They want to feel that they are appreciated and truly connected to the business.


The first thing that I do to make employees feel valued and to increase employee engagement is actively listen to their concerns.

Actively listening instead of talking makes them feel heard and makes them feel like their opinions matter.


Secondly, if and when employees ask me for my opinion I provide them with an honest answer.

They may not always like my answers or my opinions but most will respect my willingness to be straightforward with them.


Last but not least, I take every opportunity to express gratitude by saying "Thank You" or "Good Job" and in my spare time I create greeting cards and gifts and give them to my employees.

Tapping into my creativity to create meaningful items to share with my employees provides me with great satisfaction and it says to them that as an organization we really do care about them and value their contributions. 

New Classic Employee Anniversary Cards

I just completed this new collection of cards which I call New Classic Employee Anniversary Cards.

We currently have four generations in our workforce and I wanted to combine something old with something new so that all four generations would feel included.

I also created a customizable version so that we could not only include the traditional cards with years of service at five year intervals but every year of service in between so that no one is excluded.

Improving Employee Engagement may take a little time and patience but if you put forth the effort I am certain that it will pay big dividends.

Create your own cards or feel free to try some from my collections.