5 Business Greeting Cards That Will Increase Your Profits

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Business Greeting Cards

In this climate of economic downturn, great customer service has presented itself as a must have in order to survive.

A smile and a thank you are wonderful but to generate new business and retain current customers, Business Greeting Cards have become a customer service and sales trade secret.

Corporate Greeting Cards

Corporate Greeting Cards come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to appeal to a wide range of customers and business associates.

Customer service and sales professionals use them as a follow-up to a big sale to say thanks, or just as a way to stay in touch.

Ordered in bulk quantities and personalized, they are an unexpected surprise that offers a personal touch sure to be remembered the next time your services are needed.

Here are 5 Business Greeting Cards that will enrich a sales experience:

1. Corporate Thank You Cards can be used in a number of ways. The obvious is to thank those that have purchased something from you, but cards that say thanks are also appropriate for business associates that helped make the sale possible and vendors who also may have played a part.

Sending a Business Thank You Card says more than a phone call or quick email can convey. It says you took the time to sign, address and mail your appreciation.

2. Business Referral Cards are more targeted Thank You Cards that clearly send appreciation to those that have sent business your way. Once you have made your sale it is easy to forget how it became possible.

Remember those that helped you along the way by thanking them for their referral and they will remember you again when opportunities arise.

3. Business Anniversary Cards don't have to be just about wedding anniversaries. A Business Anniversary Card can send congratulations on the anniversary of a big sale or to denote a special event in a corporation's life. 

Use them as well to commemorate the date an employee arrived at your company. They will be surprised you remembered and will remain loyal employees.

4. Business Happy Birthday Cards are great for business employees but you may want to consider sending them to important business customers as well.

They will certainly be surprised to find out you know their special birth date and that extra special gesture will make them feel they're part of your corporate family.

5. Corporate Welcome Cards can delight and surprise. They can be used to welcome new employees or for welcoming new business partners.

Help improve business relationships by strengthening the partnership bonds you build with cards welcoming those that will help your business grow.

Just remember to personally sign and hand address the envelope on your greeting cards so that it doesn't look like a mass mailing.

Jot a quick note if you can and keep a roll of stamps on hand instead of running it through the company postage meter. Just a bit of special attention now will increase profits in the near future!

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